Download Quran Apk for Android

Now your Android Mobiles are helpful to learn your religion and strong your faith so you are here to download Quran Apk for Android and Tablets. Quran Apk is a free android application this APk may helpful to learn Quran your religion every movement of your life because you have Quran Apk in your Android mobiles and Tablets so you can learn Quran while eating, walking, working but just open your Android. So just download the Quran Apk from the link below and enjoy learning Quran and teach your children and fellows as well. You can also listen the audio recording of Quran verses.

Features of Quran Apk:
·         Translation and tafsir is available in more than 20 languages.
·         Customizable.
·         Search option is there you can easily search your required portion.
·         Night mode is available.
·         You can bookmark, tag and share ayah.


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