Download Lock for WhatsAPP Apk for Anroid Mobiles and Tablets Latest version

Are you anxious from people who are checking your private chat in WhatsApp, you don't need to anxious because we have a solution for you in the form of an App named Lock for WhatsAppApk. You can now save your WhatsApp Apk by just download the Lock for WhatsAPP APK. Lock for WhatsAPP APK is one of the smart Protector/Locker which protect your private chat from intruder. So don't miss the chance just download this amazing and beautiful Apk for Android mobiles as well for Tablets and save your private chat. Lock for WhatsAppApk is a user friendly Apk having many amazing features which are given below.

Taking less memory as compare to the other locker.
You can eaisly enable and disable locker.
Simple to use.
Attractive Apk having beautiful UI desing.
Forget password feature.
Numeric lock protection (minimum password length 4 digit and maximum 8 digit)
Free and Easy to download and installed
If locker doesn’t work open lock for WhatsAPP application and press restart service.

If you want to download just click Download Here below:
                                   Download Here 

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